Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I’m Back, and OnDemand

September 15th, 2008. That was the date of my last blog post. What happened?

Where was Peter?

In short, I was off pursuing a different career path. When Oracle acquired BEA in May of 2008, I stopped work on the BEA SaaS platform. I returned to my roots in enterprise portals, and became architect of that product group at Oracle. I fought the good fight through the summer, but by September found I couldn’t maintain a presence in OnDemand. Instead, I focused on the myriad of topics related to Java application frameworks. My big authoring accomplishment of this period was my 152 page JSF whitepaper for WebLogic Portal. I would have blogged here about it, honest, but didn’t think you all would be interested. :)

Cloud Computing + Smart Grids, Peter’s New World

Last week, all of that changed. I left Oracle to join a startup that combines two of the hottest trends in technology – Cloud Computing and Smart Energy Grids. It is a bootstrapped startup (4+ years), is well funded and well connected,  and some guys I worked with for years are already over there. All in all, it was an obvious move for me to make.

My new title is Platform Architect of Tendril Networks. Tendril already has a Smart Grid SaaS platform up and running, and I will be helping expand the offering into a Smart Grid PaaS. Will explain more about that in later posts.

But what this means to you, my readers, is that I expect that my return to an engineering role with an OnDemand product will lead to more OnDemand blog posts. No promises (we all have seen the, “I haven’t blogged in a long time, getting back at it…” followed by many months of nothing), but that is my plan anyway.

What’s Next…

I am at the Enterprise Cloud Summit at Interop this week. I spoke yesterday, and will blog next about my presentation.

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surfi said...

Congratulations and good luck!
On the cloud front, I finally opened an S3 account and started using it as a backup for my home computers. I used the JetS3t Java library to upload to S3.