Thursday, May 3, 2007

BEA dev2dev Tech Days 2007 Kick Off

Like a flashback to the 1933 movie classic, King Kong invaded New York City once again. This time King Kong was not a large ape, but the giant among developers that is Adam Fitzgerald, Director of dev2dev at BEA. He took center stage on the first of many performances of the dev2dev TechDays 2007 conference, coming soon to a city near you. I was a witness to this awe inspiring event, and I am here to report on what I saw.


The kick off sessions for dev2dev TechDays 2007 were held this week in Washington D.C and New York City. In both cities the room was packed for the half day seminar on the topic of Enterprise Mashups - confirming that there is a lot of interest in this space. With Adam Fitzgerald (aka Kong) as the primary presenter, I participated as well as Todd Ruhl from Adobe. Here is a recap of the action.

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Just the Facts - the Agenda

dev2dev TechDays is a FREE half-day event explaining how the concept of a Mashup can be successfully applied to the enterprise. The agenda is as follows:

  • Defining and Explaining the Benefits of an Enterprise Mashup
  • Technologies and Buzzwords in the Mashup Space
  • BEA Mashup Enabled Products
  • Enterprise Mashups and Enterprise Portals
  • BEA Ensemble, the Next Word on Mashing up the Enterprise
  • BEA + Flex - a Killer Platform for Enterprise Mashups

Scaling the Empire State Building - the Demos

Always the daunting adventure that can cause vertigo, during the session we deliver a number of live demos. Fortunately, the demo gods looked favorably down upon us, and the demos went off mostly without a hitch.

The set of demos include:

Your Toolbox for Tackling Large Apes, and Enterprise Mashups

In addition to the demos, we discuss a variety of technologies you will need to understand to be successful in your Mashup implementation. Although we don't deep dive in any one technology, we look at code snippets and provide examples where we can.

  • Client Programming Stack #1: JavaScript, XmlHttpRequest, JSON/XML (aka Ajax)
  • Client Programming Stack #2: Adobe Flex
  • Microformats
  • Google Gadgets and iGoogle

King Kong Captured on Film

To prove dev2dev TechDays is real and not imaginary, I was able to snap a few pictures of the event:

King Kong captured on film, bewildering spectators.

Todd Ruhl, defying the demo Gods with his Flex demo.


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